Mama Reyna gave birth in October to 3 beautiful kittens, but has sadly needed let to go of dearest Pixel. Her other 2 kittens, Lunar and Whiskers, were thriving and growing faster than I could have imagined. In not long Krekling came into the family as a stray kitten. Reyna adopted him immediately. Now all three kittens have found their forever homes and it’s now Mama Reyna’s turn!


Reyna is hands down the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever met. From the moment she came into our house she started purring, and hasn’t stopped ever since, demanding for immediate cuddles and affection when you come home. Just like all of the kittens, she loves to play and chase, and also loves to sleep after getting all her energy out.

Reyna can live with children and absolutely loves other cats. It’s not required to have another cat when adopting Reyna, but she’ll be happy to share her home with another cat. She hasn’t meet any dogs.

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